“Will There Be Room?” ( A Song For Christmas)

A special Christmas song that I wrote for you– and special guest appearance at the 3:37 minute mark!

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The Sunday Morning Special! “The Gift Of The Magi: What To Give Jesus For Christmas”

Join Monica Dennington as she goes straight to God’s Word to find out what a wise man would give to Jesus for Christmas, by taking a look at the Gift of the Magi.

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Monica Dennington Christmas Concert: An Invitation

Make your plans now to watch Monica Dennington’s Christmas Concert online this Christmas!

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Fall On Your Knees (Live Version)

A music video for the season! “Fall On Your Knees”

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Want To Share Christ This Season?: A Progress Update

Click on the PitchIn widget below, and you will see the progress we’re making— in real time— towards our $5,000 goal.

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The Sunday Morning Special! “Born In A Manger: Hail The Humble King!”

Why did God send His Son to us in a humble form? What can we learn from a humble King that we could not learn from one who never lowers himself? What effect will it have on your reputation when you choose to bow your knee to a humble King? And when God sends His Son to you in a seemingly lowly form, what priceless secret does God discover about your character and relationship with Him?

Join Monica Dennington as she goes straight to the Bible in this Christmas season to find out how you can hail the humble King.

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Do You Have The Christmas Blues?: A Message For The Weary

Do you find yourself depressed this Christmas season? While the world is rushing around to “celebrate”, do you feel alone and downtrodden? Have you come to believe that you have no value in other people’s eyes? Do you ever feel like you just want to give up?

If so, then please take a moment to listen to this special message to you—straight from the heart of God the Father and Jesus Christ— as Monica Dennington takes you to the pages of God’s Word to find out how valuable you really are, and how God is going to give you hope this Christmas season.

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The Sunday Morning Special! “Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?”

Does God want Christians to celebrate the birth of Christ? Is Christmas a legitimate Christian holiday, or does it find it’s roots in paganism? Are certain Christmas traditions–such as the Christmas tree, or the December 25th date on which it is observed–derived from pagan worship ceremonies? And if so, is it offensive to God for us to celebrate it?

Join Monica Dennington as she goes straight to God’s Word for the Final Word on whether or not you and your family should celebrate Christmas.

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