Be Holy

Woman and rain shower

This article was originally published by Monica Dennington on June 30, 2005.

“for it is written: Be holy, as I am holy”( 1 Peter 1:16)

“so you must be perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect.” (Matthew 5:48)

OK, does anyone else, like, try not to think too much about these particular verses? I mean, be Holy-as He is Holy? – be perfect? Perfect?!!! Come on, what the heck- am I missing something here? Whatever happened to “no one does good, not even one”; or “all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”;– or how about “we all stumble in many ways”?

Now, I know that God’s Word CAN’T be wrong, could NEVER contradict itself– But shouldn’t someone tell God that it’s a little bit… mmm, I don’t know… IMPOSSIBLE for me to be perfect???

Ok– take a breath, Monica. Maybe we should ask God about this– you know, instead of freaking out and thinking you’ve found the one scriptural tidbit that could unravel the entire fabric of your salvation!

Ok, God. So. You expect me to be Holy, huh?


…like You are Holy?


As in, (gulp)…perfect?

Without spot or blemish!

Ummm, well, just so You know, I have actually tried to do that…-Ya, umm,… DIDN’T WORK.

I didn’t say, “DO Holy”. I said “BE holy”

Now I’m confused.

“DO this, DO that”–What does that sound like to you, Monica?

I guess that sounds like the Law .

Does trying to obey the Law make you holy?

No, because You said if I break the teeniest part of the Law, I’m guilty of breaking the whole thing, because all of its commandments come from the same God–YOU. And everyone knows that no one but Jesus can keep the whole Law perfectly! Which is WHY I’m so confused, because here I’ve been thinking we’re no longer under the Law, we’re under grace: but when I hear “be Holy, Monica” or “be perfect, Monica”, I start to see that giant cosmic finger wagging at me, and I start gearing up to try to do all of the right things with PERFECTION…And before you know it, I’m crumpled up in a little heap of failure at Your feet! I know there’s an answer to this, Lord…HELP!!!

Take a breath, Monica.




Listen carefully. You keep talking about Monica TRY-ing, Monica DO-ing…and all the time I’m talking about something completely different– Monica BE-ing.

So, how do I make myself BE Holy?

How do you make a drop of rain BE wet?

That’s easy for You to ask –You’re God! Unlike YOU, I can’t just make something BE, you know, just by SPEAKING it!! All You have to do is say “Let there BE”, and WHAM– You’ve got light, water, sun, moon, stars, people…I mean, even if You were to tell me how to make a raindrop wet, I still wouldn’t have the power to make it be wet. You, on the other hand, simply say “Be Wet!” and it becomes…


… it BE-comes–WET!! Oh!

…and if I say to you “Be Holy!”?, you BE-come…


Right! And when I say, “Monica, Be perfect”, you BE-come…

Perfect? Like… You are perfect?

Without spot or blemish- Beautiful !


Do you believe Me?

Boy, do I know the correct answer to THAT question!– YES! Absolutely!…I choose to believe You!

Then, it is done. By the power of My Word and My Blood, you are even now BE-coming what I, in my perfect wisdom, know that you ARE– Holy, Perfect- Everything I ever dreamed of…my Bride!

Ohhhh, I get it– that’s why the bible says You “call the things that are not as though they were”…because whatever You call them is what they will BECOME!! Is that right?


And You’re not going to smack me over the head with Your bath slipper for not doing everything perfectly?

People always ultimately Do what they Are– your DO-ing will catch up with your BE-ing, as you BE-come what you ARE–


You got it!

Cool! Thanks, Lord!

You’re welcome. I love you.

Wow… I love You, too


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