Witches Unaware: Strange Fire (Part II)

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Can God be manipulated by religious ceremony? Does God listen to everyone’s prayers? What kinds of prayers, or people, does God shut His ears to?

Join Monica Dennington in pursuit of God’s Truth, as she goes to the Bible to find the answer to the question “Is the form of Christianity practiced by many today actually witchcraft?”

This is the second in a three part series, where Monica explores what the Bible has to say about witchcraft. We will continue to look at how witchcraft has crept into the church historically, and how we can identify a spirit of witchcraft in our own lives.

One Response to “Witches Unaware: Strange Fire (Part II)”

  1. Thank you for sharing these things. In James 3:1-5 “knowing that WE shall recieve a stricter judgment” “see how great a forest a little fire kindles” (a little witchcraft like teaching that the tithe is to the local church instead of the house of God).

    The kingdom of Heaven (God) is the management of Heaven. The kingdom of man is the management of man. The kingdom of the flesh.. the world… the devil. We’re to enter into the management (kingdom) of Heaven only.


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