Do You Want To See God?

Description: Do you want to see God? Is God willing to show Himself to you? And if so, what is required of you before He will do so?

Join Monica Dennington  as she goes straight to the Bible for the answer to the question, “What must I do to see God?”


One Response to “Do You Want To See God?”

  1. Hi, Monica,
    I am so glad I found you. I have been constantly listening to your teachings since I first discovered you on “United for Jesus” website,which led me to “all.”..(Wow) your other websites and blogs. Question on this teaching ,…are you saying that the only way we get to see God is through a humble servent ? , and the only way to recognize God in the humble servent , is for us to be humble as well.? I f I am understanding you correctly…we recognize God through our spriritaul “eyes” through humility…., But do we still get to actually see God with our physical eyes someday.?…that is if we are able to stand in His presense ! Thanks so much Monica Renee

    that it is God is that it reguires us to be humble as well.


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