Welcome To The House Of God Seminar: An Introduction

The House of God Seminar is an in-depth, online seminar, that focuses on tough questions concerning the roles of men and women in the church, as well as Gods authority structure for the entire Body of Christ, the Church.

The 12 session seminar is designed to be used by home churches, Bible studies, and cell groups. Permission is given to freely reproduce and distribute these videos and links. In fact we encourage you to do so.

For more info: www.TheHouseOfGod.TV

Here is the original announcement from August 18, 2008 when the seminar was first released:


This evening the “House Of God” video seminar will begin with the release of the first video, “Women In The Church: The Contradiction”. Every weekday for two weeks a new video will be released as we explore what the Bible tells us about women and their roles in the church.

When: Beginning tonight

Where: Limited to this site and YouTube

How: Please subscribe for free at www.TheFinalWord.TV or at YouTube if you would like to be notified when a new video is released and participate in the discussion!

Cost: None

Discussion Forum: Lightly moderated. It is not anticipated that the moderator will join the discussion, but who knows?

Conduct: Galatians 5:13. Love each other. Comments that are off topic, disrespectful, or disruptive (intentional or not) may not be approved. Moderation is also to maintain orderly discussion.

Who: This seminar and Bible study is for men and women, indeed it is for the body of Christ.

Please feel free to join in the discussion and participate. Invite your family and friends to participate as well.

So, tune in for rapid-fire, definitive answers, straight from God’s Word, to questions which have baffled theologians and church laymen alike, including:

  • Should women submit to men?
  • How can women be “saved through childbearing”?
  • Should women bear the shame of Eve’s sin?
  • Who has God put in charge of the church?
….. and yes, the highly anticipated answer to the question, “Should women teach the Bible?”

One more thing, on the right-hand side of this page there is a link to some online Bibles so that you can look up scripture yourself! There is a lot to see, so we hope you can join us as we go straight to the Bible to learn about the “House Of God”! 

Please forward this to your friends so that they can subscribe and join with us!


We’ll “see” you tonight!

Gary and Monica Dennington

One Response to “Welcome To The House Of God Seminar: An Introduction”

  1. I hope you post the videos soon. I look forward to watching them!


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