Should Women Teach? … The Final Word

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Does God want women to teach the Bible? Are women allowed to operate in positions of authority in the body of Christ? Is it permissible for women to prophesy, teach, and preach God’s word to men and women in the body? Or is it God’s will for her to be silent?

Join Monica Dennington as she goes straight to the Final Word – the Holy Bible – for God’s definitive answer to the question: Should women teach?


12 Responses to “Should Women Teach? … The Final Word”

  1. Men and women should both personally practise what they teach to others firstly


  2. The Bible is clear women should not teach


  3. you lied with your over simplification..

    the Bible says the older women are to teacher other younger women how to love their husbands even


  4. I havent lied. In fact your broad sweeping comments reflect your misunderstanding with Scripture. I am referring to the Bible clearly saying women are not to teach men


  5. you mean firstly your own interpretation of what the Bible or a Bible verse says rather..

    building a major doctrine on one verse too?? ill advised..

    for there were women Apostles, women prophets now too.. even in the new testament who taught others.

    taking a verse out of context and generallizingit is still your error?


  6. Clearly you are ignorant of the Bible. There were no women apostles nor were there any women prophets. What Bible are you drawing your info from the politically correct feminst version?


  7. Thank you Monica. It is common sense to go back to the original language of any thing that has been translated from another language. That is why there are so many different translations….. everyone is trying to get the clearest and most accurate one. Many people are ignorant on purpose and you can’t help them. But please still continue to preach the Word of God. Many Christians aren’t even Saved, they are quick to throw a stone and God is not even happy with their lives because they thought all they needed to do was say one prayer and then keep living like the devil. Don’t Stop Monica! Jesus is coming back soon and we need everyone on the front line preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Don’t Stop! We will be accountable for not preaching the Gospel when Jesus tells us too, if we stop just because people fight us for preaching. Look how these two people are going back and forth, fighting about this sermon, the devil always reveals himself, they aren’t fighting with scriptures but accusations….


  8. I think it is interest that most everyone only picks up on the one point–“Should women teach.?” What struck me most was the fact that we as wives should speak under the covering of our husbands. I was convicted for all the times that I have overstepped my position as a wife by speaking out within the church without his blessing and how I have despised his authority over me. My spirit bore witness with that admonishment. I can’t tell you how many times I have felt convicted about overstepping my boundaries within the church, but couldn’t clarify why. I felt the Spirit revealing truths to me from Scripture, but when I would share, I felt a heaviness. I wondered if God would edify me alone with those revelations and not want me to share them. Now I am convinced that I should indeed share, freely with other women, but to the entire body only after consulting my husband.
    I pray that men and women alike would take to heart the admonishment to fulfill their unique roles within marriage . How our world would change if the children of professing Christians would live before our children the “way they should go.”


  9. With all due respect Jim, there were female prophets. Anna in Luke, Deborah in Judges, Huldah in II Kings and II Chronicles, Philip’s daughters in Acts.


  10. Here’s a lesson idea: In light of what the scriptures teach about modesty, should men provide intimate medical care to women?


  11. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.


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