Master Of The House: Help For The Hindered Prayer

Session 11

(Length 18:36)

How does God expect a godly man to relate to his wife? What is the purpose and proper use of a husband’s authority according to scripture? What are the rewards for the proper use of that authority – and what are the consequences when it is misused?

Join Monica Dennington as she goes to the Bible to discover instructions for husbands, and help for the hindered prayer.

One Response to “Master Of The House: Help For The Hindered Prayer”

  1. can you cover/touch on issues as it is directed to the roles of a christian marriage in terns of what’s a healthy relationship between husband and wife as it relates to sex, and affection, romance, intimacy. God is first in all things that’s why I didn’t mentioned Him. Howevevr, some men or women feel this is not a factor that’s important in the christian marriage bedroom. This very issues has destroyed my marriage, and being the wife my husband has a problem with the topics stated in this text. three months pass and I need him to spend intimate time with my, I become a sex addict, this is killing me softly, no honor is show I get cold sholders silence treatment, ect. What does God say about all this, please help. Thanks GOD Bless you and the ministry!!!


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