The Truth About The Trinity


Welcome to Session One of Tic Toc Ministries groundbreaking seminar, The Seven Spirits Of God!

In this session, The Truth About The Trinity, Monica Dennington kicks off the series by examining the critical question: Do you have to believe in the trinity in order to be a Christian?

Join Monica as she goes straight to the Bible for the definitive answer to this question, as well as a glimpse of what is to come in this exciting series.

One Response to “The Truth About The Trinity”

  1. Thank you for this teaching on the truth about the trinity. I was very lost about a year ago when Jesus revealed Himself to me with great power. My mind was transformed and I felt like I could supernaturally see through many man-made doctrines and distractions (including the trinity) that I was deep into. I saw one thing and one thing only… Jesus. Jesus is everything. I thank Him for his mercy, grace and love. He is eternally faithful! I felt like I wanted to go into a room and cry for eternity for the time I was away from him.

    I do have a question: Do you have thoughts on the issue of how the trinity doctrine affected the baptism formula?… Changing from “in the name of Jesus” used by the apostles, to “in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit” after the trinity doctrine was created.

    Thank you for your ministry,


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