The Son In The Father: Understanding Unity

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Description: Welcome to Session Three of Tic Toc Ministries groundbreaking seminar, “The Seven Spirits Of God!”

How can Jesus be one with the Father? And how can we as Christians be one with Jesus? What does it mean for one spirit to be in another? And does Scripture give our finite minds a path to understanding such a great mystery?

Join Monica Dennngton as she goes straight to the Bible for insight into the mystery that has baffled theologians for centuries: How can one spirit be in another?

One Response to “The Son In The Father: Understanding Unity”

  1. We have to be in Christ, but this does not make us Christ, the same as Christ Jesus was in his Father, that did not make him to be God. Jesus was lower than God and shall hand over the Kingdom to his Father and be a mediator between God and man.


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