The Mystery Woman Of Revelation Revealed: The Name of The Holy Spirit

Welcome to Session Eight of Tic Toc Ministries groundbreaking seminar, “The Seven Spirits Of God!”

How can we be born again, as Jesus said in John chapter 3? Can we crawl back into our mother’s womb to be born, as Nicodemas asked, or do we have another mother? Who is the heavenly mother we see in Revelation chapter 12, and what is this mystery woman’s relationship to those of us who obey God’s commandments and hold to the testimony of Jesus Christ?

Join Monica Dennington as she goes straight to the Bible for the Final Word on the question, “Who is the mystery woman of Revelation 12?“; and for the end-times revelation , straight from the written Word of God, of the Name of the Holy Spirit!

2 Responses to “The Mystery Woman Of Revelation Revealed: The Name of The Holy Spirit”

  1. hi..I have been listening to the seven spirits of God seminar, and am not sure if this series has been completed, because I donot think she has covered all seven-fold spirits as yet, from what I have seen…when will this series be completed? when is the next session? how many videos are there supposed to be? I don’t know why I am asking, no one ever responds to my questions, but one can always hope! thanks


    • Dear Selenab,
      As someone who is also only following along with everyone else, I may not be up-to-date, so I leave Monica to correct me. The seminar is not yet finished. So far, there have been 8 teachings plus one on the Mark of the Beast (which I don’t think is, strictly speaking, part of the seminar). This last one is, however, extremely exciting and fits in very well with what Monica teaches in the other videos.

      I hope you enjoy them as I did and I’m sorry you feel no one answers your questions 😦 .

      P.S. Monica has a lot of people who need her (including her own family) but I know she is not ignoring you, she is too lovely.


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