The Revelation Series: An Introduction To The Bible Study

Welcome to The Revelation Series, a 4 part message to the Church from Monica Dennington. This Bible study includes 4 video messages in the series as follows:

1) A Mind Of Wisdom: Unlocking The Book Of Revelation

2) Blood, Fire, And Billows Of Smoke: Facing Your Fears In The Book Of Revelation

3) Moon Of Blood: The Final Witness Of The Church

4) Done With Sin: How The Bride Defeats The Beast

This series is designed to be viewed and studied in sequence from the first video to the last. Building precept upon precept,  the principles learned in the earlier messages are necessary for the best understanding of later messages.

In addition, it is recommended that you have paper and a pen while watching each video for the first time to make notes of your thoughts, questions, and scripture references. Then, as you watch the video a second time, pause the video and read the scriptures from your Bible.

In the near future, a written Bible study guide for The Revelation Series will be introduced as an additional resource for Home Bible Groups and/or individuals. Follow Home Bible Groups on Twitter or facebook for the latest information on curriculum resources for the Church.

Are you excited yet? You should be! Jesus is returning soon, and we have a purpose! Enjoy this Bible study, discover your purpose, and be amazed that His love is so great!


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