Lie #8 Of The Homosexual Pulpit

What lie has Satan planted in the Body of Christ that attempts to silence half of God’s army? In contrast, what is Jesus’ heart, and the focus of His administration? And what is the real-life action that God is calling you to today that will overcome the strategies of the enemy?

Join Monica Dennington as she goes straight to the Word of God for a prophetic proclamation of God’s direction for the church in these end-times.

3 Responses to “Lie #8 Of The Homosexual Pulpit”

  1. I understand what U R saying about woman being teachers/preachers, and UR a good teacher. I know what the scripture says about this issue. I did not however hear U give any scripture to back up your position. I may have missed it but U did say we were to rely on scripture. I think woman are more spiritual than men are. But I would like to see some scripture which would give credence to your position on woman preachers/teachers.
    Jeff M


    • Jeff,

      This is one clip from a larger piece that is soon to be released called “The Lies of The Homosexual Pulpit”. The focus of this short clip is Jesus’ heart toward the harvest. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time teaching on all the Scriptures concerning women in leadership in the body. This clip simply has another focus.

      For the Scriptures you requested, you can see the following videos. I’m confident they will put your questions to rest.

      “Women In The Church: The Contradiction”
      “Should Women Teach?: The Final Word”
      “Should Women Be Pastors?”
      “The Homosexual Pulpit: Separate, but Equal?”

      Hope this helps!



  2. What you say monica is great and the world needs you there is something you need to know your wonderful keep up with this work and the holy ghost will come to you and bare witness


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