The Prophecy That Can’t Be Ignored

What do the ancient prophecies tell us about the return of Jesus and His reign on the earth? What will this take-over of planet Earth look like? What history-changing event have we experienced in our generation that was specifically prophecied in Scripture? And can we ignore the prophecies about our future from a source that has given such accurate predictions about our recent past?

Join Monica Dennington as she goes straight to the Bible to give you one undeniable reason to place your belief in the return of the King, and the establishment of God’s kingdom on the Earth.

This is Part 1 of the message series “Plant Your Flag: Establishing A Kingdom”
This message was a live broadcast from The Church At Dallas on June 5, 2011. 

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One Response to “The Prophecy That Can’t Be Ignored”

  1. To Monica Dennington,

    I’m writing a note to you, to voice my thoughts about your ministry and teachings. I’m not sure if I agree with every concept you might teach, but a lot of things I have seen you teach are after my own heart and convictions, and i admire how pleasantly you present your teachings.

    One thing we seem to have in common is the fact that I don’t believe in Calvinism or any theology based on man made handed down assumptions rather than the Word of God. One thing I really like about you is the way you get into the Bible to present your concepts.

    I believe you are truly anointed by the Holy Spirit with a genuine zeal for the Lord, and I just want to applaud you for that. i know there are some who want to criticize some of your teachings, because some of your teachings are concepts that haven’t been taught along with the status quo or traditional Christian teachings in America.

    I even took a step back myself at first, until i gave you a chance to show chapter and verse as you have, and I thought some of your concepts were very plausible in light of the scrptures you applied to them. The fact that God has a feminine side or nature as well as being our Father in Heaven became very evident with the scriptures you provided.

    Yes! I listened to your video about the seven spirits of God, and i have to admit I’m struggling with that one, but I do see and understand what your’re saying about the woman in Revelation chapter twelve., and I believe your concept is as plausible as any other i have seen, especially when you applied her to the New city of Jerusallem in Heaven.

    The thing is I want to applaud you for being such a delightful sister in the Lord, especially the manner or way you present your teachings. You’re so pleasant to listen to, and I could listen to you all day regardless if I agreed with everything or not. I’m so happy to see a sister in the Lord teaching with such sincerity and convictions, and with insight that I don’t see in most preachers today.

    Again: I have seen your crtics on the internet, but the thing is: The Bible or the Word of God is the final authority, and that is what my opinions will be based on, and not some handed down man made theology that contradicts biblical scripture.

    I like you, and I thank the Lord for you, whether we agree on everything or not, and I know i can learn from you, because I already have. Yet i know who you are, so I believe it’s only fair to let you know who I am. Here’s is my website address so you can learn about me.

    I also gave you that so others who read this will know that i publically support you as my sister in the Lord, and I’m not ashamed to call such a delightful servant of the lord my sister, because I’m actually quite pleased with your spiritual insight, even though I struggle with or might disagree a bit with some of your concepts, yet I have seen so much truth in a lot of what you teach.

    :Like I said: I struggle with some things you teach, so I wasn’t quite sure how to respond to you, but I agree so much with so many other things you teach, like Matthew 25:31-46 for example, because Jesus told us how he was gloing to judge us there.

    The bottom line is, that I love the way you teach your concepts, and I believe that takes anointing from the Holy Spirit, so I’ll just let the Lord and his Word decide the truth about yoiur teachings, and I’ll just love you as my sister in the Lord. God Bless You Monica Dennington, and you can file this comment under support. Sincerely! Jeffrey L Girling

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