Virtual Reality Is Reality: Knowing Your Place In Cyberspace

Is there a difference between the way God wants you to behave in “real life”, and the way He wants you to behave online? Do you know your place, function, and area of authority in the Body of Christ? Does the platform of the internet give you special permission to operate outside the boundaries of that calling? And what are the potential consequences if you do?

Join Monica Dennington as she goes straight to the Bible to help you find your place in the kingdom of God.


The Sunday Morning Service

10:00 a.m. – Broadcast

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Sunday Morning From KC: Do You Know Your Place? (Video) 

Today’s message is another message from a series that was broadcast live last summer on how we are to behave and relate on the internet. It is titled “Virtual Reality Is Reality: Knowing Your Place In Cyberspace”.

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Remember to continue to pray for our families, and to join us in spiritual battle for those that have made prayer requests this week.

Our travel to Dallas has been postponed for a few days. This week we will be looking for some space for a studio here in the KC area. Please join with us as we ask God to show us where He has plans to locate our studio. May God bless you in your obedience to His Word!


This Week’s Study Guide

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2 Responses to “Virtual Reality Is Reality: Knowing Your Place In Cyberspace”

  1. Our church has about a 100-120 attending Sunday 60 on Wednesday. We have no elders or deacons and no one is in charge of anything “ask the pastor”. He puts the service on tv 5 days a week lives in a very nice home drives a new car….etc. the church has no collective metings where we can talk or plan things. The pastor and his wife make all the decisions as if they alone know what is best. Is it wrong not to have deacons and elders?


  2. samuel,
    please teacher can you post your take on speaking in toungues . I have understood and loved your teachings, which i find very inspiring because of bible based prove.


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