Expelling The Darkness: Creating A Safe Place On The Internet

How should Christians’ behavior on the internet differ from the world’s? How does hiding behind a false name make provision for sin? Will God hold you accountable for the things that are said and done in your own house? What about the opinions, words, and discussions that happen in forums you’re responsible for, e.g. your own website, fb page, youtube channel, or blog?

Join Monica Dennington as she goes straight to the Bible to find the power to push back the darkness, and how to be a city on a hill in cyberspace.


The Sunday Morning Service

10:00 a.m. – Broadcast

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Sunday Morning From KC: Taking Charge Of Your Cyber Life (Video) 

Today’s message is message 5 from a series that was broadcast live last summer on how we are to behave and relate on the internet. It is titled “Expelling The Darkness: Creating A Safe Place On The Internet”.

Don’t forget to use the link below to download or print this week’s Study Guide and join us as we study the Bible together.

Remember to continue to pray for our families, and to join us in spiritual battle for those that have made prayer requests this week.

We travel to Dallas and return this week… a quick trip. We would appreciate your prayer for our safety as we travel. Later this week we will continue to look for studio space.

May God bless you in your obedience to His Word!



This Week’s Study Guide

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