Day 3: Are You A Disciple Of Jesus…Or Just A Follower?

Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of How To Become A Disciple week. Today’s message is “Are You A Disciple Of Jesus … Or Just A Follower”

What was the difference between the disciples of Jesus and the crowds of people who followed Him around? How different will your life become when you answer the call to be a disciple? And what is the danger of remaining in the “safe zone”—following Jesus with the crowd?

Join Monica Dennington as the Spirit of Christ reaches out through the written Word of God to call you to “come and follow” him, and as the Holy Spirit draws you to make the decision to to become a disciple today.


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One Response to “Day 3: Are You A Disciple Of Jesus…Or Just A Follower?”

  1. Monica,
    I pray God’s favor and blessing on you and your anointed ministry. The Lord brought me to your site to encourage you to push through His simple message of the Cross and the one way to be a part of God’s Kingdom through His Son, Jesus.
    Our Church, located in Austin, is a Acts based ministry where Pastor Chris has been given a mission to bring the PURE spoken Word of God to the many. We also encourage small groups that cover the entire demographics of Austin. If your in Austin visit us at Reach Church on Anderson Mill Rd.

    Blessings always,


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