Day 20: Forgiveness And Restitution: Healing The Wounds In Your Family

Day 20

Welcome to Unity In The Family week. Today’s message is “Forgiveness And Restitution: Healing The Wounds In Your Family”

Why is it so important to make restitution for the wrongs in your family relationships? Is it enough to simply say “I’m sorry”, or does Jesus require more of you? When a family member wrongs you, why is it so necessary to forgive them from your heart? And what are the ramifications if we refuse to do so?

Join Monica Dennington as she takes you straight to the Bible to find out what your family obligations are, and how you can bring God’s healing power to your family today.



2 Responses to “Day 20: Forgiveness And Restitution: Healing The Wounds In Your Family”

  1. Forgiveness is the key! Thanks for sharing. Here are my thoughts on the topic.


  2. pastor miller steve Reply April 20, 2012 at 10:32 am

    put on the mind of Christ and let the healing begin
    free your mind by forgiveness be set free live in love in all we do
    cast down every wicked thoughts and give your mind to Jesus
    let his will be done amen TY Monica be continually blessed


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