Tax-Exempt Racism: A Call To Leave The SBC Klan

Gary and Monica Dennington discuss the shockingly unrepentant show of discrimination against a soon-to-be-married black couple by the First Baptist Church of Crystal Springs, Mississippi, whose pastor moved the couple’s July 21 ceremony to a nearby chapel when his constituents complained about allowing black people to be married in their church.

Even more brazen is the Mississippi Baptist Convention‘s decision to allow the church to work out their “difficulties and disagreements” in the name of the “autonomy of the local congregation” – in essence, allowing the deep-rooted racism to run unchecked, without consequence to the pastor or the congregation. Gary and Monica contrast this supposed respect for the autonomy of each church with the Southern Baptist Convention‘s policy of dis-fellowshipping any congregation which chooses a female pastor.

Find out what God’s Word has to say about this historically racist denomination, and what Jesus requires you to do if you are a member or pastor affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention.


This is a recording of a live broadcast that originally aired on Thursday, July 31, 2012

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