So You Think You’re Anonymous?: A Warning To The Haters

Gary and Monica Dennington give a warning to anonymous haters on the internet who send emails, make posts, or open up forums dedicated to slandering, threatening, or harming their ministry and family. Gary’s got your number —and in most cases, your real name, email, facebook/ twitter accounts, address, etc. (Oh, yeah, and those hate videos you’ve taken down, don’t sweat it — Gary’s probably got a copy in the cloud.)

God is flushing everything that’s been done in the darkness into the light. Anonymous haters beware : you’re dark deeds are getting ready to be shouted from the rooftops — and you just might find that you’re not as anonymous as you think you are.


This is from a recording of a live broadcast that originally aired on Thursday, July 19, 2012.

One Response to “So You Think You’re Anonymous?: A Warning To The Haters”

  1. Hello,

    I’ve really enjoyed hearing the word as you present it for some time. While I unfortunately cannot say that I am a regular viewer of your program – or any religious media service for that matter – I feel that after about a year or so of sporadic viewership of your program I know enough to confidently say that the work you are doing is of great service to your fellow man. That’s why I write today, I’m distressed to hear that you are being maliciously targeted by other “viewers”. I typically don’t leave messages on anything I ever view on the internet but I wanted you to know that I support you; However insignificant the sponsorship of a sporadic christian with limited biblical knowledge and understanding may be. I wanted you to know that you have it.

    Thank you for your continued work that can only aid in the understanding of the word; and through that understanding promote a level human compassion that we all desire to enjoy eternally.

    Best wishes!



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