The Homosexual Pulpit: Separate… But Equal?

The leadership model practiced by the Roman Catholic Church, the Southern Baptist denomination, and many other groups is not scriptural. Here is the truth from scripture… time for a reality check.

What is the Homosexual Pulpit? Who’s plan was it to plant this perversion in the midst of the Church? How is the anti-family agenda of the Homosexual Pulpit effectively segregating the Body of Christ? And why is it now necessary for God to demolish this wall of separation in order to establish a kingdom that cannot be shaken or corrupted — the kingdom of His Christ?

Join Monica Dennington as she goes straight to the Word of God to discover why the principle of “Separate But Equal” is a definitive characteristic of the kingdom of Satan, and to hear the prophetical call that will bring unity to the Church in the last days.


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One Response to “The Homosexual Pulpit: Separate… But Equal?”

  1. Monica, this is a powerful message. God bless you for taking a stand for our Lord and Savior. It anyone doesn’t like it, they should take it up with God. Amen.


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