What Kind Of Woman Wants To Pastor Men?

What kind of woman wants to be a shepherd in the Body Of Christ? Is it true that only a Jezebel who doesn’t understand proper gender roles desires to teach both men and women? Or is it a noble thing for women to desire?

Join Monica Dennington as she goes straight to the Bible to find out what kind of woman wants to pastor men.


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2 Responses to “What Kind Of Woman Wants To Pastor Men?”

  1. hi tic toc, i love you guys.. so i’m not trying to be overly contrary here. but in the context of 1 timothy 3 paul seems to be speaking to brothers there because he specifically says “they should be the HUSBAND of one wife” in verses 2 and 12. how are we to understand paul to be referring to females also in this case, when he calls the subject of the chapter a husband? am i missing something?


    • Monica Dennington Reply August 27, 2012 at 6:20 pm

      Stephanie Joy,

      Thanks for your comment. This passage (1 Timothy, chapter 3) is often used in tandem with 1 Timothy 2:12 to incorrectly disqualify women from leadership in the church.

      Your understanding is not correct. Paul is not “speaking to brothers”, nor does he “call the subject of the chapter a husband”. Paul is speaking to a person who had the authority to appoint and oversee church leaders – in this case, Timothy – in order to “let [him] know how people ought to conduct themselves in the household of God (vs. 15)”. The people he speaks of (in this chapter) include:

      1) whoever aspires to the office of overseer (vs. 1),

      2) married male overseers (vs. 2: “the husband of but one wife”),

      3) deacons (vs. 8)

      4) women in leadership (vs. 11: “Likewise, the women…)

      5) married male deacons (vs. 12: “husbands of one wife”)

      In response to your question, “am I missing something?”:

      First of all, unless you are either a person in Timothy’s position in the church or someone who aspires to be an overseer or deacon, this passage does not apply to you.

      Second, this is a list of qualifications, not disqualifications. If vs 2. is meant to disqualify anyone who is not “the husband of one wife”, then women would not be the only casualties. In that case, any unmarried male would be disqualified, including the author of these instructions (Paul), and Jesus Christ Himself.

      Third, you may have missed the fact that vs. 11 is often incorrectly translated to say “likewise, deacons wives”. The original text simply says “likewise the women”, which you will find if you look it up in the Greek.


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