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One Response to “Free Audio Bible Studies! Subscribe and Download Today!”

  1. Dear Denningtons: Thank you for offering your messages on SoundCloud for free. I thank God for the faith and courage you have and the gifts He has given both of you to proclaim the Gospel. I feel terrible that I cannot send you your just due as servants of God, modern-day Levites which should be promptly supported according to the Scriptures. I am disabled with polio, and have no income. My husband controls all money and has no use for my appeals for funds for “internet church”. I literally have no money. But the Lord has never allowed me to be hungry or out of a home. He is so far better to me than I deserve. Please accept my gratitude for your generous offerings of the proclaimed Word of God. May the Lord grant you what you need to proclaim His Word and sustain your beautiful family. May He give you vindication and peace when the enemies of Jesus attack you, and may He grant you both healing and good health as you joyfully serve Him. Constance Owen


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