Prestonwood Baptist Church: “Deborah Would Not Be Allowed To Preach From Our Pulpit”

In the fall of 2008, Gary and Monica Dennington discovered that Prestonwood Baptist Church supported Lifeway Bookstore’s decision to pull Gospel Today magazine from it’s shelves for featuring five female pastors. They contacted Scott Seal – Executive Director of pastor Jack Graham’s broadcast ministry – with whom they had been in meetings to discuss internet ministry. As members of Prestonwood, the Denningtons asked that Monica’s teaching on women in ministry be reviewed and any errors in her use of Scripture be corrected.

In this excerpt from their “On The Road” series, Gary and Monica Dennington recount that meeting with Prestonwood’s leadership – in which these men asserted that even if Deborah the prophetess were in their congregation, she would not be allowed to speak from Prestonwood’s pulpit.

Find out the shocking conclusion that Prestonwood came to about Monica’s teaching; how by their own admission their current policies, practices, and obedience to Southern Baptist doctrine take precedence over respect for God’s Word; and why you can be assured that when your daughters prophesy – as the Bible says that they will – they will not be heard from the pulpit of Prestonwood Baptist Church…nor will their voices be tolerated.

(Present at the meeting were Gary and Monica Dennington; China and Clay Dennington; associate pastor Wesley Baldwin; and the Executive Director of pastor Jack Graham’s broadcast ministry, Scott Seal.)

This is Gary and Monica Dennington’s testimony.


Link to Jack Graham’s article on prophecy:


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