Does Your Financial Guru REALLY Teach Good Stewardship?


Does the definition of good stewardship promoted in your church match Jesus’ definition? Would Jesus have been considered to be a “good steward” according to your favorite Christian financial counselor?Is God really impressed by your ability to manage and invest money well, so that you can gain more “for the kingdom”? Or is He more interested in your willingness to lose what you have for His sake?

Join Monica Dennington as she goes to Scripture to show you how God defines good stewardship…and whether or not you are one!




Join us as we prepare for the return of our soon-coming King, Jesus Christ!

2 Responses to “Does Your Financial Guru REALLY Teach Good Stewardship?”

  1. I think you are so right on and comunicate very well your points. Too many so called Christians forget we are to be called to the gift of “Exhortation” to lift each other up, NOT to tear each other down. I think you look great. We are to be differant from the world and in many ways, many differant colors, differant styles of art aparel and differfant ways of ministry. We are ministers to a diverse world of people, so of course we shouldnt be copy cat robot christians out of a little box. God in us is greater than that . You and Gary help inspire us and comfirm that we are to be an out of the religious box people expressing God in the earth. .I am an artist in music leading praise and worship and write worship music. I get hacked at alot by so called meaningful people thinking they need to correct me on something all the time instead of just enjoying worship of HIM ! I thank you very much and thank Adonai for you and Gary’s Ministery. You guys bless me and make me feel good !


  2. Love it. If people would read their Bibles many “Christian” ministries would not exist.


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