Live Broadcast Link – 7 pm P / 10 pm E Tonight!

(Click on picture to go to the live broadcast tonight)


Starts at 7 p.m. Pacific / 10 p.m. Eastern

Doing Jesus Beating For Him?: The Fate Of A Foolish Servant

Does Jesus deal with His servants harshly? Is He always gentle? Who is appointed to administer harsh discipline from God? Do you have the right to use any amount of force you choose to administer correction to those placed under your authority? And if you force those you’ve been entrusted with into submission, what are the consequences for you?

Join Monica Dennington as she goes straight to the Bible to show the shocking action Jesus will take if He finds you doing His beating for Him.



What is this? This is a live video broadcast event. We will study the Bible, pray for each other, and fellowship in the chat area. Bring your own snacks.

How much does it cost? There is no fee to attend. You will need a computer and internet.

How do I attend? An e-mail will be sent to you on the day of the broadcast with a link to attend! Click the link and you will be there! It is that easy!

When is the broadcast? On Thursdays beginning March 21, 2013

What time is the broadcast? 7:00 p.m. Pacific / 8:00 Mountain / 9:00 Central / 10 p.m. Eastern


 Invite your friends and family! See you there!

Here is the link:


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