Monica On Camelback Mountain


I climbed to the summit of Camelback Mountain today. Find out what moved me to tears.



Join us in preparing the world for the return of its soon-coming king, Jesus Christ!


2 Responses to “Monica On Camelback Mountain”

  1. This message really stirred my heart. As you have narrated about climbing a physical mountain, by relying on the Lord’s strength, you have made the spiritual mountains more attainable as well. I have loved your ministry for the years I have listened. It is beautiful to listen to one of God’s servants who (like Nathaniel) has no guile and is refreshingly honest and straightforward. I love your passion and though I have not met you or your family, I love you all.


  2. Loved the video and you did a great job climbing that mountain. May you and your family live long and climb many more mountains together in the years to come! Xoxoxo Jenny


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