End-Times Discernment: Principle #7 – Know The Price Of Oil


Why does Matthew 25 say that the foolish virgins had to buy oil for their lamps? Can the oil of the Holy Spirit be bought with money? What does it mean that you should have extra jars of oil with you? And what price will you have to pay to acquire that oil?

Join Monica Dennington as she goes straight to the Bible to find out why you should know the price of oil in the end-times.

This is from the June 27, 2013 TicTocLive broadcast of “End-Times Discernment: Principle #7 – Know The Price Of Oil”.


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One Response to “End-Times Discernment: Principle #7 – Know The Price Of Oil”

  1. To understand this passage more clearly, you have to understand traditional Jewish marriage. When 2 people became engaged, they had a year wait before they were able to get married. At the end of the year, the bride never knew the day she would get married, rather the groom could come @ any time, day or night, to take her away to the place he had prepared for her. (The groom often times spent the entire year preparing a place just for her to show her how he can provide for her and often times they could spend any where from 3 days to a week in the place he had prepared, so it was full of foods, and water and most importantly a beautiful bed!) So after the year, the bride was always full of anticipation, her brides maids always had to be virgins, and they stayed with her day and night, and she wore her bridal gown 24/7 too, until the groom came to whisk her away, if he came in the night they would have to have oil for their lamps to light the way! When the groom came the entire wedding procession all paraded to where the wedding would be held, there was always 1 man who stood at the door who would not let any late comers in. You either went in with the wedding party, or didn’t go in @ all. …can you see how this symbolizes so many things about Jesus? How he will call for his bride, and we should always be prepared , there should always be oil in our lights, weather he comes during the day or the night, to carry his bride off to one heck of a wedding banquet! The place he’s taking us to, he has been preparing for us, his bride. Its full of the most beautiful things, to show us how much we mean to him. That place, is Heaven.


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