New This Month At Tic Toc – August 2013

Tic Toc Has Moved! — New Address Below

Tic Toc has moved to Phoenix, AZ. Effective immediately, please address mail to:

Monica Dennington
4400 N. Scottsdale Rd, #9129
Scottsdale, AZ

Please update your records with our new mailing address. We will maintain both mailboxes for a short time, after which the Overland Park box will be closed.


Help Tic Toc Go LIVE On YouTube!


As we announced in our last newsletter, we were originally slotted to start broadcasting live on Youtube this month. However, after some preliminary testing, we find that there are a few pieces of equipment we need to secure in order to do so. Below is a list of equipment we still need to purchase:

2 – laptop computers w/ i7 chips / 8 GB ram ($800 each)

2 –  Nexus 10 Tablets w/ 32 GB ram ($500 each)

1 – Sony Vegas 10 Software upgrade ($189)

1 – BM UltraStudio SDI encoder ($395)

PLEASE HELP US GO LIVE ON YOUTUBE by clicking on the donate button today!

We need to raise above and beyond our basic monthly budget before we can make these purchases. Would you consider being the person to help make this goal happen today?

We’re very excited about the prospect of going live at the end of September. Thanks for your faithfulness in funding the Word of God through this ministry – we appreciate your support!

Go to Tic Toc’s YouTube page, and SUBSCRIBE NOW to be notified when we go live!


Join The Conversation — Share Your Faith!

We want to hear from you! We invite you to comment, ask questions, and respond to others on our blog posts — and also to share your faith in your own social communities this week!

EVANGELISM TIP: We have found that simply sharing a scripture verse a day on Facebook and Twitter is very encouraging to the Body of Christ — try it out this week, then write and tell us about your experience with the power of God’s Word!

All this is made possible by the power of God and your continued financial support, as we work together to prepare the world for our soon-coming King!


Tic Toc Reaches Out To Abused Women — Important Video

Stills_EndTimesDiscernment_TheMouthRevealsWhatTheHeartConceals_IMG29IMPORTANT VIDEO “Should Women Submit To Abuse?”

Please Share!

Does God expect a woman to submit to her husband if he’s abusing her? Is the command for a wife to submit to her husband more binding than the command for husbands to be gentle and respectful to their wives? And are there any examples in the Bible of a godly woman who disobeyed her own husband?

Join Monica Dennington as she goes straight to the Bible to find out why the Church must become a safe place for battered women, and whether God wants women to submit to abuse.


Thanks For Your Generous Support!

Together, we have reached 186 countries in 2013 so far. We’re on track to have 10 million media impressions this year. There are many more to reach,so thank you for joining with us in teaching the world the gospel of Jesus Christ!



One Response to “New This Month At Tic Toc – August 2013”

  1. Monica, your point is well taken. I really find it hard to believe that we Christian men can find interpretations from scripture that would support beating our wives. If women could defend themselves, very few would ever be abused. unfortunetly, we men are not only poor Christians, but cowards too!



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