Warning! Censorship Of Christians Happening Now


Monica Dennington goes public with the fact that facebook has censored the posting of scripture from her account, as well as placing restrictions on her distribution of Christian content.

She also talks about Kirk Cameron’s recent battles with social media sites, which targeted the trailer for his Christian film, “Unstoppable”. Labeling it as “unsafe, , and spammy”, links to the trailer were blocked, and in a separate incident, the trailer itself was taken down.


Are you aware that the Bible prophesies the loss of civil rights for Christians? Did you know that according to Jesus’ prophecy in Matthew 24, ours is the generation that will see this? Are you ready for the day that your Bibles are taken away? And how can you prepare for the night that is coming?

Join Monica Dennington as she brings you this end-times warning from the Spirit of God, along with practical steps to prepare for the prophesied loss of your freedom of speech.


Join us in preparing the world for the return of its soon-coming King, Jesus Christ!

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One Response to “Warning! Censorship Of Christians Happening Now”

  1. Dear Monica, Thank you for the warning about the approaching storm of censorship and attempts to silence the Word of God. I am heeding this warning and am attempting to share God’s Word with my grandchildren. I very much enjoyed what you said about your children going to sleep at night listening to God’s Word. How wonderful it is! . With admiration and gratitude to God for your witness, C. Owen


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