Exciting news – the battle for our young people and our future!


Exciting news!
The final numbers are not in yet, but in the last two weeks on YouTube, we have set a few ministry records!
  1. Two days ago, we had over 6000 views in one day
  2. In August, we have had over 85,000 views (more than twice our previous high month!)
  3. We’ve had more than 711 NEW subscribers in August!
Here’s the most exciting part that I want to share with you:
  • In July, 92% of our viewers were 35 or older
  • In August, 75% of our viewers were under age 35! The growth is coming from the generation referred to as the Millennials!
Why is this significant? According to many studies, the Millennials (born between 1980 and 2000) have all but left the faith. The numbers vary, but with some denominational studies showing that a staggering 70-88% of their youth are abandoning Christianity after their freshman year in college, the outlook for future participation in Christianity (or in the traditional church model) is dismal.
With our recent phenomenal increase in views, God has given us a new mission field to take care of and harvest — a generation of young people who are alarmingly ignorant of the Bible and void of personal faith in God’s Word. We need your help to hold up our arms right now as we go into this battle!
August is almost over, and once again your donation will make a big difference to us personally, and keep us in good shape to meet the increased communication and production demands that accompany this growth.
We have some immediate financial needs that are pressing. We know that God is faithful in meeting our needs, and that he works through his servants like you.
Thank you in advance for your willingness to help, as together we run through this door of opportunity — to reach our young people with the gospel — while it is still open!
God bless you as you give, and as you seek obedience to His Word.
Peace In Christ,
Monica Dennington
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