Cash ‘Em In Baby! A Message For Pastors And Leaders


Are you a pastor or church leader who owns lands or houses? What if Jesus really meant what He said about selling your possessions? What would happen if you took the plunge and actually obeyed this command? And if you did, at whose feet should you lay down the proceeds?

Join Monica Dennington as she goes straight to the Bible to paint a picture of a bold new world, in which you lay down the power of Mammon, and walk in the power of Jesus and the apostles!


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One Response to “Cash ‘Em In Baby! A Message For Pastors And Leaders”

  1. So true and well put. I used to work in the mall and see pastors walking around and shopping for thousand dollar suits and wearing $700 shoes as they did it. the most spoiled men that everyone in the whole mall could think of were the priests. it was a sad commentary to everyone who witnessed it and then we gossiped about it, “like haven’t they read the bible?”


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