For The Honest Atheist: An Invitation From God


Join Monica Dennington as she answers a letter from an atheist with the honest question: “How do I humble myself to a God I don’t believe in…and even if I did, how would I know I was choosing the right one?”


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One Response to “For The Honest Atheist: An Invitation From God”

  1. She says “I believe you that it is your intention just to seek truth…” then proceeds to tell the author to be honest and seek truth and implies that they aren’t being honest.

    Atheists (who do) criticize the god of the bible as we would any fictional character, that does not imply we exist any more than thinking hannibal lecter is evil means we think he is real. As for spending energy arguing against religions means we secretly believe they are correct that is oxymoronic, people argue against christianity not because they are fixated on jehovah, but because they see the religion as being harmful. It’s like saying opposing islam means you admit allah is real. Islam is real whether or not allah is.


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