Prophecy For Governors, Mayors, Lawmakers And Civil Authorities: God Is Judging Your City


A prophetic message for civil authorities: God is assessing your city for judgment now. He has sent his servants to you to determine how you treat the poor.

Injustice will result in judgment. Laws that oppress the poor will result in a guilty verdict. Some of you have already waited too long. For some of you, there remains a small window of opportunity to repent and ask God to help you implement justice for the poor.

Let him who fears the Lord respect the word of the Lord.

Let him who has an ear hear.



Please share this message from God with your governor, mayor, and lawmakers/representatives on your social media.



Join us in preparing the world for the return of its soon-coming King, Jesus Christ!


One Response to “Prophecy For Governors, Mayors, Lawmakers And Civil Authorities: God Is Judging Your City”

  1. An appropriate message for all lawmakers or government today. Let justice be demonstrated as the Lord requires and all nations and states need to exercise to survive. No one is exempt or excused. All of us need to walk humbly with our God, and those invested with authority are especially required to administer justice equity and love, serving others. Anything less leads to disharmony, strife and war, not peace. We can see the breakdown in society and there is a shaking going on. Only God’s government through the Kingdom of God in Jesus Christ will provide peace because justice and righteousness will flourish.


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