Monica Dennington preaches before Katy Perry’s Grammy performance?

Dear Friend,

Thanks to the power of God and your support2013 was a record-breaking year for this ministry. More people were reached with the gospel than in any prior year – in fact, our video views for the year doubled!
Here’s an example of how God is blessing our distribution. Thanks to Spice Monteville for posting this on Facebook:
“I’m so proud of Monica Dennington! I’m not sure how it’s done but she got an ad up on youtube! In it, she speaks of the times we live in and invites people to share in the excitement we feel right now! And before a video of Katy Perry’s grammy performance!? AWESOME!!
As you can see, right now we have an open door to reach the world . When God opens a door, no one can shut it… but it is our job as the Body to run through it as hard as we can!
We have great plans for 2014 — to increase our reach worldwide, and to break into other media markets such as television, radio, and print. The first step to doing this is to raise the funds to build a state-of-the-art broadcast studio here in Phoenix. From there, we will be moving quickly to establish the New Christian Television – broadcasting unadulterated truth from the desert, announcing the return of the King!Everyday, I get letters from people whose lives are being transformed by God’s Word – people giving their lives to Jesus, renewing commitments, breaking addictions, and leaving sin. The Spirit is moving, and I want to invite you to be part of the work that God is doing here!If you’re already a supporter, please know that we value your faithfulness as we continue on this adventure together.
If you feel the Holy Spirit stirring your heart to do more, please take a moment and ask yourself, “How can I help further fund the work of God here?” Some ideas?:
  • Perhaps you can make a monthly or weekly financial commitment.
  • Maybe you can give a one-time large donation.
  • Consider setting aside the proceeds from the sale of an automobile, house, or other property for God’s use in this ministry.
I can tell you that every donation makes a difference in this extremely efficient ministry. A regular donation helps us to budget. Even a modest donation can mean a new piece of equipment that will visibly improve the quality of the broadcast. And a large donation, in our hands, can literally be used to reach the whole world.
Inline image 1
Thanks for your help as we prepare for the return of our soon-coming King!Peace In Christ,
Monica Dennington

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