No Boys Allowed: Ladies Only Bible Study with Monica Dennington!

New Video!

For the first time ever, Monica Dennington is doing a WOMEN”S ONLY Bible Study. Join Monica each Tuesday night @7pm Pacific for this live, interactive web-conference that will include free workbook pages, revelatory Bible teaching, fellowship, and the chance to ask Monica your questions.

Bring your webcam & your Bible, and we’ll see you this Tuesday night!





2 Responses to “No Boys Allowed: Ladies Only Bible Study with Monica Dennington!”

  1. Thank you, Monica, for you loving responses towards how we should deal with adversity towards women as proclaimers of God’s Word! 

    I will be in prayer for each lady there last night and for those who will be coming. I see them as every bit a Biblical character as the disciples were and I know that God can and WILL use us all, in a powerful way.  All we have to be, is willing.

    I will be in prayer for you as the leader, and I thank you that you are willing to make your life a living sacrifice, to educate an empower women for the cause of Christ.  I know that God has prepared the way for you and that time is short and the harvest is ready.  People are desperate to know Jesus.

    I still have 10 weeks left in the IT Development program that I am in.  I want to use my new skills as a website Developer  to empower women to minister and to bring people to Christ in a massive way.  I know that many men will hear the Word  that God has given you, and will support it, because it is of God.  Thank you, Monica, for being so rooted in His Word.

    I want you to know that the next 10 weeks will be very intense for me, so whenever I am not able to attend the Bible Study and Thursday prayer night, but I will be praying and imploring other women to attend.  The first I will invite is Judy Downing, a single Chaplain in Colorado Springs, who hopefully will embrace the vision God has set before us.

    Judy is full of a tremendous love and joy in the Lord, as you are, and her passion is to free those who are in the sex slave trade. All of our passions boil down to the same thing.  People need to know the love of Christ, that passes all understanding.

    I will give you my tithe, which is only $140/mo, right now, while I am in school. What address do I send it to?  

    I will also invite my older daughter, who does funds development for Christian non-profits.  She is in Alaska.  What else can I do for you, with the limited time I currently have available? Whatever God has laid upon your heart, I will do.

    In His Love,



  2. Monica Dennington Reply April 23, 2014 at 4:57 pm

    Marcia, we are blessed to have you as part of our Bible Study. I pray that God will bless you in every way, with wisdom, revelation, and opportunity, as you pursue your desire to promote His Word, His Kingdom, and the freedom that it brings to those who need to know Him!

    Peace In Christ,



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