We Could Use A Hand

Hello Friend!

It’s the end of the month, and we need help with a few needs. As you know, we’re funded completely by viewers like you, so you are the friend we turn to when we need a hand.
Regular giving is down for the past several months, and we’re feeling the squeeze. We are excited about the pledge drive to fund a new studio, but those pledges don’t pay for regular ministry expenses or distribution.
A few of you did respond to our last request for help, enabling us to get our broadcast back up and running as scheduled in May. We are grateful to you. Currently, however, we continue to manage the reality that in addition to regular expenses, we also have pressing equipment needs which have been put on the back burner for months.
Can you help lighten the load this month by sending a donation today? If you believe that what we do is beneficial to you and others, we would sincerely appreciate your show of support.
Thanks for reading this, thanks for watching, and thanks for your donation. May God bless you this week as you pursue His will.
Peace in Christ,
Monica Dennington

One Response to “We Could Use A Hand”

  1. Dear Monica,

    I read your post and I see, that you and your ministries are in a need. Unfortunately I am not able to donate to you now, because I am at the moment in Iran in Tehran, where I study Iranian Studies (Master degree) and it is very difficult for me to send any money from this country of Iran abroad. However, I will definitely pray for you and Tic Toc ministries, that you may cover all your needs and that your ministries progress further on. May dear God, our Lord Jesus Christ, bless you and your family and your wonderful ministries.

    I have a request also, that you pray for the Iranian Christian pastor Said Abedini, who is now in prison in Iran just because of his belief in Jesus Christ, since the only official religion of Iran is Shi’a Islam. I also unfortunately cannot attend here in Iran any Christian Sunday service, although there are I think in Tehran in Iran, where I am, three Christian Churches (Catholic, Orthodox, Armenian, but the Pentecostal one is closed). Please pray also for me here.


    Danijela Kelava


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