New Video Transcripts Available!

In early 2013, a small team of women volunteered to produce transcripts and closed captions for our Bible teaching videos. Today we are releasing the first 12 transcripts and captioned videos. 24 more video transcripts (and captioned videos) will be completed by the end of 2014.

Transcripts of the teachings are requested often — they are a valuable resource for 1) people who prefer reading over watching videos, 2) the hearing impaired, 3) those whose first language is not English, and 4) those with limited internet access. Transcripts increase the distribution of God’s Word tremendously.

Likewise, closed captioning on videos will greatly increases our international distribution to non-English speaking countries. In many cases the captioning can be automatically translated into the native language of the user!

Here are the transcripts that are available to be downloaded free today, just click on the titles below:

A Prophecy From Jesus: I’m Sending You Prophets

Are You Picking Your Own Prophet?

Are You Wisdom’s Child?

Does God Want You To Be Rich?

Do You Love God?: Test Your Heart

Do You Need A Fresh Start?

How To Get Jesus Anointing

The End-Times Revelation Of The Woman Wisdom

The Prophesied End-Times Army Of Women Preachers

Women In The Bible: What 1 Timothy 2:12 Really Says

The Tree Of Life Revealed

Is This The Gospel You’re Funding


Gary and I want to thank Coraliz Dereta, Lisa Spinnenhirn, Emma Emilien, Deanna West-Torrence, and Rachelle Brister for all of their hard work on this project.

All this is made possible by the power of God, as we work together to prepare the world for our soon-coming King!



Thanks for your help!



One Response to “New Video Transcripts Available!”

  1. wow could you prepare the Ten Virgins Message?


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