September Newsletter – everything you missed in one place!

Stills_1Plus1Video_IMG18Dear Friends,
As you know, last Thursday’s LIVE broadcast of Prophecy and Spiritual Warfare marked the last one of the season. We are taking a break from the weekly broadcasts indefinitely, in order to devote all of our time to the Big Project — launching TicToc.TV!
We’re inspired by all of you who faithfully support the ministry. If you don’t know it, your donations make a difference.
So we ask you to remember us in this time, as we will not be in front of you live each week. Please continue to be vigorous in your giving, as we work with all of our energy— around the clock but behind the scenes— to bring you something that will benefit us all: the New Christian Television!
What is TicToc.TV?
TicTocTV Logo_3TicToc.TV is a 24/7 Christian television channel. We’ll be launching publicly in February, but you will have the opportunity to have a sneak peak as soon as this fall. This subscription channel will include:

  • 24/7 streaming of Christian programming
  • Music videos from your favorite Christian artists!
  • Bible teaching
  • Interviews & Christian documentaries
  • LIVE events
  • Behind-the-scenes footage! Watch as we fund and build the new studio— be part of the dream!

China’s New Book Is Now Available From Amazon!

Which Video Did You Miss?
Did you miss a live broadcast? Are you disappointed that you didn’t see the last one of the season? No worries—here they are, all in one place, just for you. Enjoy 🙂





Make the dream happen! If you want to reach the world with the Gospel, then MAKE YOUR PLEDGE TODAY to help fund a studio in 2014. Catch the vision – it’s 7 billion people big, and together we can reach them ALL!

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