March Newsletter – everything you missed in one place!

March Newsletter

Stills_1Plus1Video_IMG18It’s been a busy month…do you think you might have missed something? No sweat, here’s everything you missed in one place— first the news, then the teaching!

The News
  • 30 days to Tic Toc TV! The official launch for your new 24/7 Christian television is now April 30! Mark your calendar, and don’t miss the live kick-off event.
  • We met our first pre-launch fundraising goal in January to make TicTocTV free. Because of your support of that campaign, there will be NO SUBSCRIPTION FEE for the channel! Great job!
  • Our final pre-lauch fundraising campaign is an important one, and is now underway!  So far, we have raised 5% of our $12,000 goal. I would love to send out a “We did it!” victory message before the day is out— please click that donate button and join the battle today! (Click here to check the progress of the campaign)
  • Remember that funding TicTocTV is funding the gospel. If you’re looking to invest in God’s kingdom and reach people with the message of Jesus Christ, look no further—TicTocTV is the place to be!

The Teaching

In addition to four new videos this month, be sure to check out Monica’s featured blog below—leave a comment, and share if you like it!

This month we’re focusing in on Bible prophecy being fulfilled as we speakregarding the Euphrates River and ancient Babylon. This is a prophetically dangerous, difficult, and exciting timeto be a Christian. Please share these messages with your family and friends.

In Christ,

New Blog Post! 

War Inscription on Warning Road Sign.
New Videos!
March Features!

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