In Defense of Israel: A Striking Message to Women

On March 20, the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) made the outrageous move of singling out Israel as the top violator of women’s rights. They did NOT condemn any of the countries (some of which are members of the commission itself) that force child marriage, legalize violence against women under Islamic law; who won’t allow women to drive, go out in public without a male “escort”, show their faces in public, or even use a fork. (That’s right, Saudi Arabia made it illegal for women to use forks— they say it’s too provocative.)

No, the committee (co-chaired by Sudan, whose President was indicted for genocide by the International Criminal Court in 2009) found that Israel is to blame for the “grave situation of Palestinian women.” The resolution stated that “the Israeli occupation remains the major obstacle for Palestinian women with regard to their advancement, self-reliance and integration in the development of their society.”

A Reality Check

A reality check is in order. Here are some of the atrocities that women face in Islamic countries— specifically, member states of the commission that supported this resolution against Israel.

Caning is one of the punishments allowed under Sharia law - AFP

Caning is one of the punishments allowed under Sharia law – AFP

Farzana Parveen, 25, A Pakistani woman, after being stoned by her father and brothers outside of Lahore's grand court for refusing to marry her cousin. Pakistan

25-year-old Pakistani woman, Farzana Parveen, after being stoned by her father and brothers outside of Lahore’s grand court for refusing to marry her cousin. She was three months pregnant. Pakistan is one of the CSW Member nations that voted to condemn Israel for violence against women.

Sisters of Palestinian Aya Baradia, 21, who was a victim of honour killing, mourn next to the water well where her uncle threw her in the village of Surif near the West Bank city of Heron on May 21, 2011. – AFP

Sisters of Palestinian Aya Baradia, 21, who was a victim of honour killing, mourn next to the water well where her uncle threw her near the West Bank  – AFP

Palestine itself, in which “honor killings” of women by Muslim family members has doubled annually since 2011, sponsored the resolution.

A Striking Message

This is my response, in defense of Israel: a video message from Israel Defense Forces, released on March 8 in honor of International Women’s Day. Below are the video description, the video itself, and a short transcript— check it out!

From Israel Defense Forces: Happy Women’s Day!

Even in 2015, many women around the world are still subject to discrimination, gender inequality, endless stereotypes and sexual objectification. In light of International Women’s Day, female soldiers in the IDF stand up and speak out against these injustices with a striking message to women around the world.

Flickr_-_Israel_Defense_Forces_-_Search_and_Rescue_Unit_Swearing-In_Ceremony Flickr_-_Israel_Defense_Forces_-_Climbing_Up_the_Infantry_Command_Rope,_Graduating_an_Officers_CourseFlickr_-_Israel_Defense_Forces_-_Infantry_Instructors_Course_(10)Flickr_-_Israel_Defense_Forces_-_Snapir_Course_Instructor_on_Rubber_Boat_Drill,_Nov_2010


“Men think that women need a man to protect them, someone who watches them. But no thanks, I can protect myself, because I’m a fighter.”                        ~Pvt. Deborah Dassa, Combat Soldier

“Women have to fight, you have to fight for what you’re worth. And you’re worth it.” ~Crp. Jade Almond, Liaison Specialist

“Every woman can fight for what she wants.” ~Crp. Oshrat Bracha, Operations Sergeant

“Keep going and never stop.” ~Crp. Or Bar-Ilan, Combat Medic

“You can. You can do any job, it doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman.” ~Lt. L., Intelligence officer

“If you have motivation you can achieve anything.” ~Pvt. Vika Yakubchak, Combat Soldier

“Stand up for yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are weaker than a man. Nobody can tell you ‘no.’ You can, and you’re strong.”

“Watch us. Watch us do it. Watch us succeed.”

~Crp. Jade Almond, Liaison Specialist

Flickr_-_Israel_Defense_Forces_-_Infantry_Instructors_Course,_Aug_2009Flickr_-_Israel_Defense_Forces_-_Soldiers_Raising_Morale Flickr_-_Israel_Defense_Forces_-_Female_Soldier_Votes_in_Israeli_Government_Elections Flickr_-_Israel_Defense_Forces_-_Female_Soldiers_Unload_their_Weapons




A Truer Test: The Global Gender Gap Index

Obviously, there is a contradiction between this UN committee’s resolution and the reality of women’s rights. Contrary to the CSW’s assertion that Israel— the birthplace of Jewish and Christian morality— is the most violent towards women, The Global Gender Gap Index 2014 indicates that Muslim countries are far more difficult places for women. Here are the facts:

  • Out of the 20 countries ranked as the worst perpetrators against women:
    • 13 are over 90% Muslim
    • 15 are under some form of sharia law
    • 18 are majority Muslim nations
  • Out of the 20 countries who give women the most rights and opportunities:
    • 8 are < 1% Muslim
    • 0 are under any form of sharia law
    • 20 are < 8% Muslim (15 are < 5% Muslim)
  • Three of the UN CSW Member nations who voted to condemn Israel for violence against women— Egypt, Iran, and Pakistan— are ranked at #129, #138, & #142 respectively on the index (#143 being the country with the biggest gender gap).
  • Israel, on the other hand is ranked #27 on that scale (#1 being the country with the smallest gender gap). The US is ranked just above Israel at #20.


Enmity For The Woman: Prophetic Discernment

So who’s telling the truth?

Interestingly enough, all three of these major world religions— Islam, Judaism, and Christianity— respect the Bible as a source of truth.

The Genesis account, speaking of the fall of man and God’s curse on Satan, tells us how to recognize the children of evil. It says:

“So the LORD God said to the serpent, ‘Because you have done this, Cursed are you above all the livestock and all the wild animals! …And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel.’” (Genesis 3:14a, 15) (NIV) (emphasis added)

We now stand on the other end of history, and God’s Word is confirmed. As prophesied, the serpent’s descendants are still pursuing enmity against women. As a woman, it is clear which of these religions represent the God who loved and created me.

In fact, to anyone who believes this prophetic Scripture, it is clear who stands on the side of God, and who stands on the side of the cursed one. We need only ask one question:

Who has the enmity for the woman?


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