Jesus, Money, and Men in Women’s Bathrooms

Hey Friends!

I want to draw your attention to two blogs I’ve released: “Silencing Women: The LGBT Line“, and “Who Says Money Is Evil?— Jesus Does“.IMG_4005

As we approach the return of Christ, it’s important to get real with ourselves on these real issues. And it’s important to do our part to proclaim the Word of God.

We are doing that through written articles like these, and through our new 24/7 Christian television channel, TicTocTV.

We make these resources free to the world, but they are not without a cost. With your help, we have been bearing the monthly expenses of TicTocTV and the Final Word Broadcasting Network (TheFWBN), reaching every nation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We do not hesitate to ask you to fund these end-times initiatives. As the Word of God moves you, we ask that you donate today, so that resources will be available to tell the world about the return of Jesus, and to win new friends for his Kingdom.

It is in obedience to our soon coming King that we ask you to click on the donate button below today to fund this end-times mission.

Your Sister In Arms,

Monica Dennington

As America approaches a Supreme court decision on gay marriage, it’s important to be able to articulate rational reasons for opposing it. Far from an antiquated religious belief, support of traditional marriage is an issue of civil rights for other minority groups, such as women. This blog exposes the misogynist attitudes of LGBT supporters.

This will challenge each of us to take stock of our lives and our hearts. We will look at a passage where Jesus indeed calls money evil, and tells us how to use that “unrighteous Mammon” for eternal purposes, by making friends that will invite us into eternal homes.

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