Saved by Faith or by Works: Don’t Ask Luther…Ask Jesus

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Martin Luther wanted to throw the book of James out of the Bible because he did not understand it. Do your religious leaders quote Martin Luther? Do they believe as Martin Luther did? Luther said the following:

`The epistle of James gives us much trouble…I almost feel like throwing Jimmy into the stove, as the priest in Kalenberg did.”

Quote from Luther’s Works 34, 317

And Luther also said this:

“We should throw the epistle of James out of this school…. I maintain that some Jew wrote it who probably heard about Christian people but never encountered any. Since he heard that Christians place great weight on faith in Christ, he thought, ‘Wait a moment! I’ll oppose them and urge works alone.’ This he did.”

Quotes from Luther’s Works 54, 424

Why should you ignore theologians’ debates about whether we are saved by faith or by good deeds? What simple, key Scriptures will give you understanding of how faith, grace, and good deeds work together as God works for your salvation?

Join Monica Dennington as she goes straight to the Bible to help you answer the questions, “Are we saved by faith or good works,” and, “Do I have the kind of faith that can save me?”



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