PROPHECY: Tornadoes Are Coming— Get To Low Ground!

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Tornadoes Are Coming— Get To Low Ground! 

Prophecy: June 21, 2015
This is a Tornado Warning.
God is judging America, and he is starting with His house.
Specifically, He is judging the leaders in the Body of Christ, and this is God’s message:
Tornadoes are coming— get to low ground.
As in the days of Nebuchadnezzar, God has set his hand against the leaders of his house. He is sending tornadoes to his own city, to uproot and overthrow everything not rooted in Him. He is sending lightning to His city, to strike down everything that is exalted.
God will now shake everything that can be shaken; He will target everything in His Body that is high and mighty…and He will not delay.
The Spirit is warning church leaders to step down or be destroyed, and that there is only one way to survive this tornado— get to low ground!


“Every valley must be elevated, and every mountain and hill leveled. The rough terrain will become a level plain, the rugged landscape a wide valley.”

Isaiah 40:4 NET


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