September Newsletter— Everything You Missed in One Place

Stills_1Plus1Video_IMG18September’s Newsletter finds us in a very different atmosphere in the United States of America, as the past few months have witnessed the beginning of God’s judgment on the church and our country.

More than ever, Christians are experiencing persecution for their faith— not only in the Middle East, but on American soil.

The religious freedoms we have taken for granted are now being squeezed. At the same time, the sin of our religious leaders is being uncovered.
However, take heart! Now is not the time to be disillusioned. Remember that Jesus said, “See! I have told you beforehand!” Now is the time to pull God’s Word close and get rid of our sin.
As the prophesied great delusion takes hold on the earth, it’s more important than ever to devote ourselves to God’s Word. It is also more important than ever to support it.
You can do that by 1) watching and sharing these videos, 2) joining us live on Sundays, and 3) hitting that donate button today.
Remember — we’re solely supported by viewers like you. Donate now to make a difference.
In the meantime, here’s everything you missed in one place!
Peace In Christ,

Thanks for your support!


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