PROPHECY: “I Am Taking Over”: A Message Of Encouragement

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“I Am Taking Over”: A Message Of Encouragement 

Prophecy: September 12, 2015

Are you discouraged by the state of the Church today? Are you frustrated by the revelation of your spiritual leaders’ sin (e.g., the Ashley Madison scandal)? Has all of this confusion caused you to become disillusioned in your own walk with Jesus?

Join Monica Dennington for an exciting prophetic Word from God just for you: “I am removing the shepherds. I am taking over.”




“Every valley must be elevated, and every mountain and hill leveled. The rough terrain will become a level plain, the rugged landscape a wide valley.”

Isaiah 40:4 NET


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2 Responses to “PROPHECY: “I Am Taking Over”: A Message Of Encouragement”

  1. What an encouraging message, Monica! We all need to remember that our Shepherd is the One Who is taking care of us and meeting our every need. I thank God for you and your teaching.


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