The Sunday Morning Special! “Faith In God’s Reward”


The Sunday Morning Special!

Today’s Bible Study

Faith In God’s Reward

What does the “promised land” look like for a Christian, and what foe must we defeat in order to enter into it? Just how valuable is the reward promised to us in God’s Word? And what is the price that must be paid in order for us to lay hold of it?

Join Monica Dennington as she takes you straight to God’s Word to find out how to take hold of that for which Christ has taken hold of you, by placing your faith in God’s reward.



This is Session 5 of 5 sessions from the seminar:

“Blind Faith: The Evidence We Need”

It includes a Daily Bible Study guide that you can download for free. So gather your family and friends and let’s study God’s Word together!

Click here for the free Daily Bible Study Guide!





“Look! I am coming soon, and my reward is with me to pay each one according to what he has done!”

Revelation 22:12 (NET)





Our live broadcasts – including our Sunday Morning Service broadcast – will resume when we are able to purchase a new broadcast computer. We will continue to bring you The Sunday Morning Special, 24/7 programming at TicTocTV, and new blogs.

We are encouraged by those of you who have donated this past week, and we are hopeful that along with those who come alongside us this week, we will have the funds to pay this $3,700 ministry expense and continue our live broadcasts soon.

Join us in preparing the world for the return of its soon-coming King, Jesus Christ!




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