Monica’s Top Fives of 2015

Best of 2015 - The year in reviewIt has now been 10 years since we began this journey together, so I thought it would be fun to review your favorite blogs and videos, both new and old!

Many things have changed since we started in 2004. We are now standing in a world that many people never dreamed possible. From ISIS to Israel, from Christians being beheaded in the Middle East to immorality in American churches, from the rebellion against God’s definition of marriage to the epidemic of shootings in our own schools, the landscape has changed dramatically in this one decade.

I want to thank you for your support this year, and remind you that as the battle continues to escalate, we lift our eyes in anticipation of the return of Jesus. Your donations are needed on the front line right now more than ever before. The dangers are real, but the future is bright. Jesus is returning— so let’s tell the world!

In Christ,




Top 5 Videos of 2015

 The 5 most popular videos of 2015! Click here for the playlist.


  1. Euphrates Dries Up, Reveals Road To Armageddon
  2. A Message From God To The Supreme Court and the United States: The Day America Dies
  3. Coming Out Of Babylon!
  4. PROPHECY: A Devastating Fire is Coming— Get Out Of The City
  5. PROPHECY: Tornadoes Are Coming— Get To Low Ground!


Top 5 Blog Posts of 2015

Monica’s 5 most popular blog posts of 2015! Click here to see all blogs.


  1. The Euphrates Dries Up, Reveals Road To Armageddon
  2. In Defense of Israel: A Striking Message to Women
  3. The John MacArthur Exception
  4. LGBT Misogyny: The Battle of the Bathrooms
  5. Tim Cook, Apple, And The New Misogyny


Top 10 Videos (All Time)

The 10 most popular Monica Dennington videos of all time! Click here for the playlist.


  1. The Identity Of The Two Witnesses of Revelation
  2. Witches Unaware: Black Magic In The Church
  3. Once Saved, Always Saved? … The Final Word
  4. To Tithe Or Not To Tithe?
  5. The Mystery Woman Of Revelation Revealed: The Name of The Holy Spirit
  6. The End-Times Outpouring Of Antichrist
  7. The New World Order & The Illuminati: What To Watch For in the Last Days
  8. The Two Beasts Or The Two Witnesses: Can You Tell the Difference?
  9. The Truth About The Trinity
  10. Pre-Trib or Post-Trib? … The Final Word


Top 10 Blog Posts (All Time)

Monica’s most popular blog posts of all time! Click here to see all blogs.

  1. ISIS, Prophecy, & The 200 Million Man Army
  2. 16 More Beheaded: Has The Great Tribulation Started?
  3. LGBT Misogyny: The Battle of the Bathrooms
  4. Silencing Women: The LGBT Line
  5. The Euphrates Prophecies: The Four Angels & ISIS
  6. The Euphrates Dries Up, Reveals Road To Armageddon
  7. Who Says Money Is Evil?— Jesus Does
  8. (FULL TRANSCRIPT) A Message from God for the Supreme Court & the United States: The Day America Dies
  9. Pastors in Drag, Russell Moore, & Biblical Manhood: The Fruit Test
  10. ADF Proclaims Pulpit Freedom… For Men Only?


Monica’s Picks

Monica’s favorite blogs and videos from 2015!


  1. Baptism Service, Chandler, Arizona— July 18, 2015
  2. Do You See What I See / Little Drummer Boy (New music!)
  3. Tornado Prophecy FULFILLED: Four Churches Destroyed
  4. Cross-Dressing Pastors And Biblical Manhood: Who’s Teaching You
  5. Life Is Short— Why Not Have An Affair? (Ashley Madison)
  6. 8 Reasons Women Are Leaving Your Church (response to Thom Rainer’s blog)
  7. Saved by Faith or by Works: Don’t Ask Luther…Ask Jesus
  8. Don’t Jump Off The Cliff!: Jesus, King David, and Eternal Security
  9. Practical Steps To Physical Healing
  10. The Woman Pass

One Response to “Monica’s Top Fives of 2015”

  1. You Go Girl, You Go Christian Soldier, GOD Is With Thee, As You Pull Down Strongholds & Fortresses Of Our Enemies, In The Name Of Our LORD, JESUS CHRIST, Amen.


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