Monica Dennington Confronts Phoenix City Council About Satanic Prayer

A Video From The Desert in Phoenix, Arizona


Monica Dennington Confronts Phoenix City Council

About Satanic Prayer

In December, a Satanic group applied to give the opening invocation for a Phoenix City Council meeting. The city manager, citing non-discrimination laws, scheduled them to deliver a prayer to Satan on February 17.

This group, The Satanic Temple (TST), has the stated goal of removing any expression of religion from public life.

Monica Dennington spoke to the Phoenix City Council on Wednesday February 4th to bring into light the misogynist nature of this hate group, and the various lewd ways that they promote sexual abuse and violence towards another minority group: women.



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2 Responses to “Monica Dennington Confronts Phoenix City Council About Satanic Prayer”

  1. Wow! Powerful video. I’m excited to see that, DiCiccio ‘gets’ it. We are not obligated to give a voice to every special interest group that comes along. Especially when they are so blatantly evil.


  2. While I do not agree with Monica theologically on a lot of issues I have the utmost respect for her standing up and making a stand on this issue. If one person has the courage to stand things can change.

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