The Sunday Morning Special! “Done With Sin: How The Bride Defeats The Beast”

The Sunday Morning Special!


Done With Sin:

How The Bride Defeats The Beast

As evil comes into full bloom in the end times, according to the book of Revelation, how does the Church move from corruption to innocence? How can a Bride being called out of Babylon ever regain her purity? How will God’s wisdom prevail over the sin that has dominated the hearts of men from ancient times, and overcome Satan once and for all? Is it really possible, in this corrupted generation, to produce a snow-white Bride, free from spot or wrinkle?

Join Monica Dennington as she goes straight to God’s Word to to find out how you can be done with sin, and how the Bride defeats the beast!



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2 Responses to “The Sunday Morning Special! “Done With Sin: How The Bride Defeats The Beast””

  1. Sis I haven’t been fed like that in a very long time. Last night I experienced such a heavy oppression over me. I searched for a Word on the web, listened to a local pastor online. I was empty and desperate. Everything I sought did not fill the empty feeling I had rising up within me. I turned away and cried. Where are those who see the hour, who is warning the people? Why was I finding nothing to fill the hollow in my spirit? The sermon I had listened to online was good, but it lacked the urgency of the hour. I searched for more sermons but found myself empty hearted. I continued to search, poring over sermons, longing for a Word that would lift my spirit with hope and give me continued strength for the fight. I likened most of what I was listening to a Snickers bar, for a moment I felt satisfied but found myself nodding, I needed a Word…some meat! I cried out to Jesus , Lord I need a Word for this hour, something that would confirm the times we are living in. No where sis am I hearing the kind of Word I heard from you this morning! I have truly been blessed and renewed in my spirit. I feel the fight come back and perspective clear. Thank you so much Monica. You are one of the rare ones in this end time army. So many falling by the wayside, trading the truth for a lie. When you spoke I could feel my spirit align with truth. It felt so good. I stopped going to church because everywhere I went all that I heard seem to focus on revival. I believe what you say is true. We need to gird ourselves in God more then ever now. Deny ourselves and take up the Cross. Not enough dying of self is happening. I wish I could find a small group to study with. I am worn out of church as usual. Jesus is Coming! We need to be a ready Bride!!! Bless you in Jesus name sis! I think I will start watching your videos more, perhaps with the whole family. It’s hard with a baby to seek out a church, but this is something I can do. I want to stay a faithful Bride for Christ and I know listening to the kind of messages you are preaching will be a blessing in my spiritual walk. Thank you again sis for an encouraging Word! Hallelujah!

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