Hillary Clinton Vs. Donald Trump: What Is God’s Opinion?

A Discernment Video!

 (Watch this 3 minute video!)


Hillary Clinton Vs. Donald Trump: What Is God’s Opinion?

With so many pastors giving political recommendations, and so many “prophets” making political predictions, how can you know what God’s opinion is?

Join Monica Dennington as she takes you straight to the Bible to see that God will appoint whomever he chooses for His purposes— and not necessarily the person His people would guess.





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2 Responses to “Hillary Clinton Vs. Donald Trump: What Is God’s Opinion?”

  1. I accept it as very good advice, however it isn’t as simple to follow as it sounds. Most of us read the Bible in translation. Translation automatically “adds to” or changes words. It is an inescapable fact about translation. If you speak even one other language besides your native tongue, you’ll know there are always things that must be paraphrased, that cannot be expressed identically in both. That’s why Bible scholars use “functional equivalence” to express subtle concepts for translations. If you only use one Bible translation, you can’t get the full message.


  2. Well said that lady. God said be in the world not of it too. Some Christians are far too passionate about earthly politics. God puts the people in charge.


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